The Day I Cried & Wanted to Give Up on my Direct Sales Leadership Dream

I cried, I wanted to give up on my direct sales leadership dream… I admit it! (This is our BUZZ Newsletter No. 98)

The Day I Cried & Wanted to Give Up on my Direct Sales Leadership Dream:

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MY STORY: The Day I Cried & Wanted to Give Up on my Direct Sales Leadership Dream… while on Conference, all Expenses Paid, in another Country… on VACATION!

… only to end up becoming a leader just 6 months later & getting a pay-rise

Here’s why you should NEVER give up on your party plan dreams & goals:

I can not believe how impatient I was when working towards leadership in direct sales …. 

I guess I was always one for wanting to achieve something in record-breaking time…. & just 9 months after starting my party plan career, I was getting really frustrated with myself for not already being a leader in my Direct Sales Company.  Yes, I did earn my first free incentive trip overseas within 12 months of joining, but that wasn’t good enough… the pinnacle of direct sales was to be a ‘leader’…. the golden dream!

I was in New Zealand, away from my home-country & overseas from Australia, on an all-expenses paid vacation and conference with my company. We had already had 3 days of being totally pampered and given fun-filled adventurous days as you can see in these photos… I mean, seriously…. we flew in a helicopter to the tip of the ‘Remarkables’ mountains from Queenstown, only to land and have a glass of celebratory champagne while frolicking as snow-angels! How AWESOME!!!

On Day 4 we had a business meeting…. and the Company Director made a grand announcement with excitement about the new leadership progression compensation plan… which made it bigger, better & easier than ever before to become a LEADER!

Instead of being excited & re-energized to work my way towards leadership, I found myself walking back to my hotel room & crying because… if only this compensation plan had been in place a year ago, I would already be a leader today.  On the flip side, I felt like I was back at the beginning, starting from scratch, because most of my recruits were now classed as ‘inactive’ and they didn’t count anymore towards my journey of leadership qualification. (I was somewhat selfish & had a terrible case of the ‘poor-me’s’…. I know!)

The reality was, I couldn’t travel back in time and change the past…. I could only control what I would choose to do today and each day going forward.  And one thing had not changed; I still had a burning desire to be an amazing team leader!

Of course I didn’t give up! I got back on the horse, started sponsoring as many new party guests and hostesses as I could & within less than 6 months I had become…. a Direct Sales Leader!

The message for you today?  Whatever your dream, whatever your party plan goal, even if you feel the wind has been knocked out of your sail & it’s taking far too long for you to achieve your goal…. today is NOT the day to quit & I believe in you.

‘Put your big girl panties on’ (as Karen Phelps used to say to me in the Direct Sales training webinars I participated in with her as a student) & get going on taking the ACTION that you know will end in the result of your dreams and goals as a successful party plan consultant.

…. I’m cheering you on, Party Plan Princess!

~ Melanie  xo


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On a Personal Note

Cute doggie pic of my little girl ‘Ginger’ today.

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Wishing you endless bookings, sales & sponsor leads…. ALWAYS!

~ Mel xo

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