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Registration is open for the Roadmap to Party Plan Success (Direct Sales Success Course)

A note from Melanie Parker, founder of Party Plan 123:

I’m looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to start from scratch to NEVER EVER run out of bookings AGAIN! Today’s the day you finally learn the step-by-step strategies and tactics you need to quickly figure this party plan thing out, and get on with creating the lifestyle you truly desire for you and your family.

THE ROADMAP TO PARTY PLAN SUCCESS will show you how, I guarantee it!

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Here’s what’s inside:

  • How to get bookings when you have none.
  • The MMM of Success guide, helps you to overcome the barriers to success of doubt, fear, negativity, and procrastination.
  • Your 10 Step Party Plan of what to do and what to say at your party.
  • The 5 essential steps of host coaching to minimise party cancellations and have more guests show up, which will increase sales, bookings and recruit leads at every party you do.
  • How to create a steady and reliable weekly income from your business, reducing the roller-coaster ride of ups and downs in your journey.
  • How to set up simple organizational systems for success that save you time, paving the way for your fast-track to direct sales success.

Plus… $1000+ worth in BONUSES

  • BONUS 1: RESOURCE FOLDER – Your Security Blanket (Valued at $197) Worksheet and Diagrams.

  • BONUS 2: Two Video Series (Valued at $194) Each video series contains 2 parts.


  • BONUS 4: TWO FREE TICKETS TO ANY PARTY PLAN 123 LIVE EVENT! (Valued at $594) In the next 12 months.

  • 30 Day Money-Back GUARANTEE: I understand I can test this system out. If I’m not 100% satisfied, I can get a refund.

Yes we give you REAL-LIFE hands-on products SHIPPED to your home for FREE! I know, it’s a rarity in this digital world, but people still love to receive a big box of goodies in the mail!

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* $AUD + tax.

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“Hey Melanie! I wanted to tell you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I feel like my business has turned around. I am booked solid & this is going to be my best year ever! I am so glad that I decided to invest in the Road Map to Party Plan Success! It was worth every penny! I will in turn share what I have learned with my teams as I am happy to announce that I am now on the leadership council for my team! Just wanted to share my joy!!! THANK YOU!”
Kasey Casto – – Pure Romance Leader
“Your priceless training Mel! Honestly anyone who is wanting to achieve the most out of their party plan business whether it’s just to earn $100 or $1,000 a week NEED to go through the Road Map to Party Plan Success home study course AND should get themselves to any of your face to face training days! I have only been in party plan for about 6 weeks now. My first few parties were before I even knew who Melanie Parker was and were scratching to make $300-$400 dollars with no bookings! I then signed up to do your course and after watching the first 1 and 1/2 videos went out and had well over a $1,000 party with 3 bookings! I then shortly attended your training day (which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way, thank you again), and this has been the result! I’m just so excited and so grateful that there are people out there like you Melanie who want to share and help others achieve! I just cannot THANK YOU enough!”
Pam Spencer – – Fifth Avenue Collection Jeweller
“I am really enjoying the course work for The Road Map to Party Plan Success. I just had a four figure party and have a new team member. Thank you Mel for putting this amazing program together.”
CJ Derby – – “USA Party Gals ” Consultant, Your Content Goes Here
“I did my Partylite candle party yesterday with great success. I got two bookings! It’s the easiest it’s ever been. Thank you Party Plan 123. I LOVE the Group Bookings Pitch, it worked a treat for me.”
Lynlee Dyeming – – Partylite Consultant
“Just letting you know I received my parcel. Wow I didn’t expect so much! The training we are getting is exceptional, we are so lucky that we are not spending thousands of $$$ to learn all this. It’s so simple and easy follow. I’m loving all this information and already started using it at my parties. The formula you perfected truly does work.”
Amanda Hamilton – – Fifth Avenue Collection Representative

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