Hostesses Book with People they LIKE & TRUST

Hostesses book for 2 main reasons:
2) To help their friend (previous hostess) get FREE PRODUCT

But first, they have to like & trust you!

Hostesses Book

Here’s 5 ways to get your guests to like & trust you first, before they will want to book a party with you:


Greet your guests with a warm, welcoming smile upon arrival at the party.  Facial expressions go a long way in non-verbal communication.  The first 3-10 seconds when a guest is meeting you is vital for their opinion of you.


Introduce yourself as each guest arrives.  Say something like, “Hi my name is _______, your name is?”  Find ways to remember their name and continue to refer to them by name throughout the whole party.  I have a ‘Party Results Form’ in front of me as I run the party and I write each guest’s name on the list as I meet them.  I politely ask how to spell their name.  Your guests will love the personal touch and be so impressed that by the end you have remembered their name!


Ask some questions to get to know each guest a little.  This builds the relationship between you without being the pushy salesperson.  Some great questions are “So, how far have you come from today?”  Or “So, how do you know Sally? (our hostess)”  Don’t spend too much time with just one person, remember to spend a little bit of time chatting to each guest.


You are in business…. so you must look & act like you are in business.  You can maintain a professional approach while still being casual and down-to-earth.  Every little detail of professionalism impacts on the decision of your future hostess to book a party with you; how you dress, whether you arrive on time, the display set-up of your products, how you talk, whether you deliver the products on time, how you answer the phone.  A hostess wants her party to run smooth, well-planned & with no hassle….. the only way to achieve this is by having a consultant who is a professionally running her business at all times.


If a future hostess is going to invite you into her home, first you must believe in your product and be confident in the way you deliver your party presentation.  No-one wants to invite a consultant into their home who doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing.  Be passionate, be real & be positive in your approach.  Chin up, bright eyes, big smile, eye contact & a strong, confident voice!

Follow these 5 steps to find hostesses that WANT to book with you because they like & trust you…. PLUS they want FREE PRODUCTS through their hostess bonuses and/or they want to help he previous hostess earn her FREE PRODUCTS too through her booking rewards!


To recap… 5 ways to get your future hostess to like & trust you:

  1. Smile
  2. Know your guest’s name
  3. Ask questions to get to know them
  4. Be professional
  5. Be confident

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Cheers to your success in direct sales!

Melanie Parker,

founder of Party Plan 123

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