GET READY….. here’s an explosive strategy that will take your whole direct sales business to new places!

This is where you will build a wishlist for every guest to create the desire for them to own a whole collection of products. This is almost a bit of a play on words, because you know how sometimes you ask a guest what 3 or 4 pieces would they love to own and they look at you and say “Oh, I wish!”….. as if they could never afford to buy all of those items? Well, that’s exactly what this is all about…. ‘What products would you love to own if it had nothing to do with the prices?’

My best suggestion is to have a printed wish list that is given to every guest as they arrive at your party. http://www.partyplan123.com/free-resources/

1) It increases the guests that WANT to book a party.
2) It decreases the feeling of being pressured to buy.
3) It also gives you a way to see and remember the guest’ name easily.

* As guests see a product they love, highlight it on their personal Wish List.

** Create a 10-15 minute section at your party before opening for sales where you ask every guest to get hands-on with your products and find their 3-4 favourite products and highlight on their Wish List.

Learn more about how to use the Wish List for maximum bookings here:



Every guest has a written list of their favourite products. We use a very simple wishlist that is printed out and handed to every guest. It just has their name in the top right hand corner, the categories of your products and the list of product names without prices. We have created a template for you which you can download on our website at PartyPlan123.com. It’s an excel spreadsheet that you can adjust for your products and print for your guests at every party. It’s an awesome tool. You’ll be amazed at how attached your guests get to their wishlist!

Just last weekend when I was doing a party, we had more guests show up than we expected, and I went to get an extra wishlist for a lady who had just arrived, but she had been to a previous party, and she jumped up and said, “No, I don’t need a new wish list, I brought mine from last time!” And you could see the sense of ownership and excitement that she had.

2 Things about what’s on that wishlist:
1. Having their name written on the top is golden! As you run your party, this sits on the table in front of each guest and you can refer to them by name all the way through by taking a sneak peek at their wish list. Every guest loves to be referred to by their name and they will be so impressed at how good your memory is!
2. This wishlist should have no prices displayed, in fact you should not even have a price list anywhere until you open up for shopping time at the end! Do you know why? Because if you show the price list, you are going to have people PRETEND to love the cheapest item (which they can afford to just buy, decreasing the need for them to book a party or join as a rep). This is truly just a wishlist of what they like, regardless of prices.

We are going to build in a section of our party where all of our guests are looking through our products, HANDS ON. Once you have your guests touch your product, they can’t help but fall in love with it! And when you are encouraging them to find a minimum of 3-4 products that they love, you are actually creating a problem for them! And that problem is that they now love so many products that they can’t afford to buy them all! And that’s exactly what we want!! Because we know that we have the perfect solution to offer them:
1. Say yes to the “Income Opportunity” so you get to own a whole kit as a consultant
2. Say yes to the FREE PRODUCT and host your own party!

So, by doing this we are creating the desire for every guest to own your product. You have potentially increased the number of guests that purchase, the amount they spend, got more bookings and even new recruits to join your company!

Now, you may be nodding your head and thinking, “Yeah, I can totally see how that would work, but I’m still a little confused about what you mean by building an ‘I-WISH’ Section into my party. How do I do that?”

And the easiest way is for me to teach you is to demonstrate.

So, you simply say, with excitement, expression and a certain sense of authority, “So, what we are going to do next is take 10-15 minutes to let you ALL go through the products, get hands on and find your favourites. As you find something you personally love, let’s highlight that item on your wishlist. I’ll come around and help each of you find your favourites on your wishlist. Then, once you ALL have 3-4 things highlighted on your wishlist, we’ll move on to the next bit which is (BUILD THE EXCITEMENT IN YOUR TONE AND THE EXPRESSION ON YOUR FACE) giving away the FREE PRODUCT!!!!!”


And now, I know YOU’RE wondering what I’m talking about when I say we’re giving away the free product & you can find all of that in ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’.

Now, some reps find it difficult to get the guests started and involved at this point. So let me share with you what I would say or do to encourage every guest to participate.

Most times, I start with a guest that IS really excited and friendly. I say to her, “Sally, have you got your wishlist there? Just pass that to me and I’ll mark down your favourites so far, so what are your favourite 3 or 4 things?” Keep going till she has 3-4 then move on to the next person. “Mary, can you please pass your wishlist?” She says, “Oh, I haven’t even put anything on there!” I say, “That’s OK, that’s my job, you just point and I will highlight, what’s your favourite 3 or 4 things?”

You often get through almost everyone’s, but someone has snuck off to the back of the room and is not showing any interest. I might say to her in a surprised and helpful way, “Oh, Cindy! I haven’t done your wishlist yet! Come over here, show me what 3-4 things you like the most.” And if she’s still hesitant, I say gently but with a little bit of authority, “Well, we’re just waiting to finish everyone’s wishlist so that we can move on to the next bit…. Where have we put your wishlist? Maybe even ask the hostess, “Joanne, what products do you think are best for Cindy?” And so continue on until you have reached the goal of every guest having a wishlist of 3-4 products. This is laying the foundation for achieving the maximum number of bookings possible, and that’s what you want, isn’t it?

So, once you have everyone armed and ready with their huge and healthy wishlist, you are now ready for the most exciting party of your whole presentation! And that is…….

I-BOOK – The Group ‘Bookings Pitch’
This magical strategy allows you to get 2 or 3 bookings even before you open up for shopping time! I call this the “Group Bookings Pitch”!  You’ll find all the training on this in our Home Study Course called ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’.

♥ Melanie Parker,

founder of Party Plan 123



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