How Can A Wish List Help Me Get More Parties Booked?

No matter what business you are into, a good presentation is crucial on your way to success. To be more precise – the way you present your products (or services) to your prospects determines your success rate. Even if your products are of high quality and fulfill certain high standards, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get constant bookings.

Party planning demands constant interaction among you and your potential clients. And, the more you understand their needs, the more they will like and trust you.

That is why today I am going to share with you a small, but very important part of party planning business – building a wish list. A wish list should serve as an identity card of everything you have on your offer, so be sure to make it right.

As a party planner, always use the opportunity to get new bookings. An ideal opportunity to do so is when you are at a party you organized because guests can see the service you provide right then and there.

Here are a few tips on How to Build a Wish List to Get More Bookings at a party.

1. Make a detailed wish list of your products and hand it around to every guest 

The wish list you make should contain every single product you physically own and show at the party, organized into neat categories. Include every single product you have in your kit and make sure each has a unique name. This way you are boosting the possibility that a potential client will find something of interest.

2. Let the guests highlight their favorites

Since your party guests have a wish list in front of them, get them to highlight their four or five favorite products from the list. What you want is to familiarize your guests with and eventually for them to fall in love with everything you have to offer.

3. Choose the right approach

The approach to take towards your potential clients should never be aggressive or intrusive – allow them to feel no pressure for buying, booking or joining a company. This will create a more relaxing and friendly communication, which just might result into something more. Nobody likes being forced into something.

4. Build the desire for your products

“Far from the eyes – far from the heart”. Offer your guests the opportunity to see and touch your products, to try them. It will make them more appealing and more realistic than a mere image in a catalogue. It will work wonders when it comes to creating a desire for your services or products and will eventually inspire your prospects to choose you rather than somebody else.

5. Create a sense of ownership for the clients

Offer each guest a wish list with their name on it. This creates a sense of ownership for the potential clients and helps them see themselves as the users and future owners of your products. This also helps you to connect with them on a more personal level by using their names when talking to them. Calling someone by their first name breaks the stranger barrier between you.

6. No prices! No catalogues!

This tip may seem odd to you, but let me explain. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Catalogues are often a distraction on a party. You see, instead of listening and looking at you and your products, guests are fixated on the catalogue and prices. And with no eye contact, you might not only lose your connection with your guests, but it can seriously diminish the possibility for a booking.

So, instead of a catalogue, give them your wish list and offer them to hold in their hands the real thing – your products.

  • Prices can be discouraging on the first sight, although the product alone is not. Most people will act almost as if they don’t like the product and won’t even touch it if the price is too steep for their budget.

You want your guests to fall in love with your product(s) and for this – you need to have their full attention!

7. Create a problem for your party guests

Create a problem for your guests. Yes, you read it correctly. Create a problem, but then help them solve it. Make them fall in love with as many products as possible so much that they just can’t decide which one to buy because they can’t afford them all!

The solution comes in two forms:

  • You can always offer your guests to join your team, which will earn them an entire kit with your products as well as certain discounts. Growing your team is always a good idea.
  • Use your best oratory and promoting skills and offer to give a certain number of free gifts to your guests. Say something like: “We’re giving away free products today. We’re looking for the first three ladies who would love to say yes to these free products. ” This will probably start an avalanche of bookings!

Building a wish list is just a part of the entire party planning creative process, but doing it properly can help you get more bookings and express your individuality and talent. Hope these tips were helpful!

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