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Wish List

Wish List Link

A printed wish list that is given to every guest as they arrive at your party.

It increases the guests that WANT to book a party. 

It decreases the feeling of being pressured to buy. 

It also gives you a way to see and remember the guest’ name easily.

As guests see a product they love, highlight it on their personal Wish List. 

Create a 10-15 minute section at your party before opening for sales where you ask every guest to get hands-on with your products and find their 3-4 favourite products and highlight on their Wish List.

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Close Dating

Close Dating Link

A picture to highlight just how crucial the date you book your future hostess is in the success of your business.

Booking into 10-14 days away will:

●Reduce cancellations & postponements

●Save you time by needing to do less hostess coaching phone calls

●Take you to GROWING your business, instead of maintaining or going backwards

Whenever you go to date a new host/ess in:

●Always offer 2 dates so the decision becomes WHEN to book, not IF

●Offer your 2 closest dates available first

●NEVER offer dates further than 10-14 days away at first if your business is not where you want it to be

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Hostess Details Form

Hostess Details Form Link

A form that has all hostess contact details, Wish List and tracking sections for phone calls and ordering

This is your tool to ensure you go through every step necessary to help your hostess.  By using this effectively you will reduce cancellations and increase overall party results.

Fill in hostess details as soon as the booking is made.  This form goes in your 1-31 Admin folder to help you know what phone calls to make when. You take it to the party, then compile it will all party paperwork for ordering and delivery follow-through.

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You Tube Video called ‘5 P’s to Reduce Cancellations’

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Bookings Funnel

Bookings Funnel Link

A diagram to show the simple steps to date your bookings in the next 10-14 days using alternate choice questions

This gives you control of the date chosen to book into by your future hostess.

Asking alternate choice questions, start wide with simple questions, then narrow down to get a definite date that suits you and your hostess in the next 10-14 days.

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Hostess Tips Form

Hostess Tips Form Link

A form for you to use to show the future hostess how to prepare for a successful party. It is inside the hostess Party Pack.

This is your tool to make hostess coaching so easy and when used effectively it increases your overall party results. It’s in an editable version so you can personalise for your product type.

This form is in the Hostess Party Pack. 

You will talk your hostess through the top section called ‘6 Simple Steps to Start’ as part of your 5 minutes hostess coaching when she first books.

You will talk her through the rest of the form in Phone Call 2, approx. 5 days before the party.

Audio 4 of ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’

You Tube Video called ‘5 P’s to Reduce Cancellations’

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Group Bookings Pitch

Group Bookings Pitch Link

The words to say to the group at your party to get maximum bookings BEFORE shopping time starts

This creates the desire for your guests to WANT to book a party. You are GIVING away the FREE PRODUCTS and have the opportunity to book 2+ parties before opening up for shopping time.

At your party, after showing your product demonstrations & getting every guest to highlight 3-4 products on their Wish List, gather the group together with each guest holding the free product brochure and go through these 4 phrases with enthusiasm and a smiling face!

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Monthly Planner Bookings Calendar

Monthly Planner Link

Your bookings calendar where you date your hostesses in, recording only their name & time of party booking

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