10 Ideas to Get Bookings

Enjoy these 10 Ideas to get party bookings… these tips are perfect for:

  1. Direct Sellers starting their party plan business from scratch,
  2. Those who are already IN the business, but struggle to get enough bookings to keep them running,
  3. Leaders looking to help their team members become more efficient and inspired.

These simple, yet effective tips should act not only as a springboard for your business, but should also keep you busy long after you’ve mastered each and every one of these steps. So, let’s dive right into the core of today’s guide!


    Get involved with fundraiser charity parties. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet a ton of new people, plus you’ll be the solution to the burning issue of that charity of how they can raise funds. You can donate some of your income back to the community, and you can offer special booking bonuses on the day. Who could resist?!  Some suggested fundraiser partners might be: (1) a child care center needing to raise funds for new toys and craft supplies, (2) a church group raising money for a good cause or (3) a cancer-help organization raising money for research and care of patients.


    If you’ve run out of friends and family that would host your parties, it’s time to look for some new people! An easy way to get new contacts (especially on a weekday during the day) is to visit shops and malls and have a quick talk with the staff during their quiet time. Be short and sweet and offer some special booking bonuses just for the center’s staff or just on a specific day.
    A word of advice, in my case, weekdays at after-lunch hours worked best. I would drop in with my brochure and perhaps a couple of my products, introduce myself and my company, and mention my offer for the staff of the center.  It only took 2 minutes max, to visit each store.


    Number 3 is ideal if your company has just released a new product range. Use this to your advantage and call some of your best customers and hostesses to organize a short visit just to show them the new product(s).  Suggest a quick 10-15 minute drop-by visit.
    Make this visit a social one – bring in some cupcakes and/or coffee. This is not set up as running a party, but it never hurts to suggest that she might want to invite her neighbor or family member to pop over at the same time. This is a great way to get your products out there in the hands of people who love what you have to offer. And in case they actually do book a party or purchase the product(s), make it special for your best hostess/customer and give her a little something extra as a “Thank you!”


    You never know when you might meet a potential new team member, hostess or customer when you are out and about. It’s essential to always have a small Cash & Carry Bag with you so that you don’t miss any new business opportunities.
    BUT WHAT SHOULD BE IN YOUR CASH & CARRY BAG? Let’s workshop this together:
    – A small collection of your most popular products
    – Brochures about your business opportunity and hostess rewards program
    – Catalogs to show your products
    – Your contact details, in the form of a business card or stickers on your brochures and catalogs
    Always have your cash & carry bag with you, so when you drop kids to school, do the grocery shopping or get your next haircut – you are ready to strike up a conversation about our products & what you have to offer. You never know when an opportunity like this will happen, and it doesn’t hurt to just – be prepared!
    Just a note here – if you get this wonderful chance to reach for your Cash & Carry bag, it’s always better to go for the booking first, and then offer the option to purchase.


    A neat idea to spread the word about your special offer or a giveaway is to invest in a poster with tear-off details. You can hang it in your local grocery store, community notice board, school or university notice boards, even on your car (so people can take the little slip wherever you park).  Your poster could display a special offer, free sample, free pamper session…. anything that will tempt the passer-by to want to see your products.


    Almost every town has its own website dedicated to local news, so take advantage of that and advertise your special booking opportunity to the community! Look for printed newsletters for churches, schools, local communities and ask the publisher if you can place an ad inside.  Perhaps you can get your little ad for free, and perhaps you can combine that with, say, school fundraiser or charity event. This way, you can earn the opportunity to have your ad published for free, plus you can meet new people willing to book a party with you!


    Do vendor events. This one has actually been my favorite go-to strategy whenever I didn’t have as many bookings as I wanted. It will do wonders for your business, so go back to it even whenever you need new bookings.

    The reason these events are so efficient is that you get a chance to see people face-to-face, and it’s a well-known fact that the face-to-face strategy has a better chance to land you bookings, as opposed to phone calls, texting or emailing. Another reason why vendor events are an ideal way to generate bookings is because people get to actually see, try, smell, touch, interact with your products! They look so much better in person than on your website or in a catalog, don’t they?!  Take full advantage of that.


    Organize competition lead boxes. The whole point is that you target local areas you want to be working in more and organize a giveaway to collect new leads. Spread your entry boxes in local stores/businesses, where people would be able to put in their info for a chance to win a prize! Perhaps you can have 10 different lead boxes in 10 different local stores. Leave these lead boxes for one month, and call up the people who have entered the competition leaving you their information. It’s that simple – you are giving away just one prize, and you’re getting dozens of new leads in return!


    Organize Mystery Hostess PartiesThis one is with a twist! The point is that you utilize whichever strategy from this list that works best for you, or all of the above strategies combined, and organize a party where you would invite all these new contacts who are outside of your circle of friends and family, and instead of you getting all the hostess rewards and bonuses – you give them away! So, the next time someone says “No” to booking their own party, make lemonade and invite them to your mystery hostess party!
    Just a suggestion – run your party in a public area, such as a restaurant or a café. You can expect more people to show up, plus, it’s safer than doing it at your home (& less work for you!).


    This one is a golden dream for every party plan consultant – have your entire party plan business on autopilot! This basically means that you should organize your business in a way that ALL of your bookings come from parties themselves. The aim is to have more than one booking per party on average because we always have to expect sudden cancellations and postponements. And if we only get one booking per party, that means we only work occasionally and not nearly as much as we would like to! So, aim to get more than one booking per party to successfully keep your business on autopilot!  This is achieved by using the 10 Step Party Plan as your framework so that your party guests WANT to book a party with you.  We can help you learn how to do that inside ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’ (CLICK HERE to learn more).

Once you have new bookings from brand new hostesses, your next question should be – How Do I Get Bookings from a Party? Let us help you with that at our next free webinar at http://www.partyplan123.com/webinar/ (CLICK HERE) .

Until then – practice and enjoy some of the above strategies. I wish you much success and an endless flow of bookings!

~ Melanie


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