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5 Simple Strategies

to NEVER EVER Run out of Party Bookings AGAIN!

In this FREE 3 part video series, we’ll reveal to you…

  1. How to have guests that WANT to book a party.
  2. What to say & what NOT to say at your party.
  3. How to get 2 bookings before you even open up for sales.
  4. What to do to eliminate the fear of no bookings.
  5. How to avoid the effects of cancellations & postponements.

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Melanie Parker

… founder of Party Plan 123

… ready to walk with you in your journey along

The Road Map to Party Plan Success, as your

Direct Sales Trainer

Meet Melanie Parker, founder of Party Plan 123 & creator of ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’ direct sales program:

Melanie Parker is super-passionate about helping you to NEVER EVER run out of party bookings again as a direct seller!

Whether you are doing ONLINE / FACEBOOK PARTIES or IN-HOME PARTIES, Melanie’s mission is to help you get all the party bookings you need to Recruit + Book + Sell every single week as a party plan consultant. What Melanie will teach you is everything that she wished she knew when she was first starting out in party plan so that you can build your direct sales business faster than she did.

Melanie is best known for sharing her simple step-by-step bookings strategies and systems that get real results… fast! She is highly respected in the direct sales industry for training in a way that empowers party plan consultants to take action towards success in bookings, sales & team building. Invite Melanie to speak and train at your next direct sales company conference for either a keynote presentation, half/full day or multi-day seminar.

Whether you are looking for new consultant training systems & manuals, an exclusive webinar for your company or video/audio/written training, Melanie Parker would love to work with you to help your consultants build a successful direct sales business.

Discover where to start your own fast-track to direct sales success inside our supportive products and programs here…. We can’t wait to see you begin your journey with us on ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’.

Contact Melanie Parker to discuss how she can best help you and your company as a direct sales trainer or keynote speaker via email to melanie@partyplan123.com or phone to 0408084128

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